b-man I need help

Oh my I have no idea how the author came up with 5 star rank and just noticed it so how do I change or could you change for me. Helene
Thanks buddy

G’day HJ…

Just go back to your MAIN forum page, go DOWN and you’ll find the “rankings” explalined for ya…

It’s all based on mumber of postings.

Hope this helps !


Not quite JGB !!!


Forum rankings are indeed based on the number of posts. You DO NOT have to go back to the main page to determine how this works. It doesn’t matter what forum you are in or page you are on…simply scroll down to the very bottom of wherever it is you are. You will see on the lower left side, “Jump to”…and a box beside it. At the right end side of this box, you’ll see a downward facing arrow. Click on that … a submenu will come up. Look for “Forum user ranks” … click on that. This will take you to a page where it is all explained. But, for simplicity sake, here is what is says:

Forum ranks are determined by the number of contributing posts made to the forum by registered users.

Please register if you haven’t already. Click “Register” on the top menu bar above. It only takes a few seconds and your information will be kept confidential.


Recipe Buddy = 0 - 9 posts

Chef Apprentice = 10 - 24 posts

5 Star Chef = 25 - 49 posts

World Class Chef = 50 - 99 posts

Master Chef = 100 or more posts

Maybe you too can be a “Master Chef” one day

That’s all there is to it. Forum ranking cannot be changed. Once you hit 100 posts, your at the highest ranking there is. It’s just a little incentive to members, to post, and achieve the next level. It means nothing beyond that. Presumably, if you hit 100 posts or more, you’ve had lots of experience, and lots of recipes. That only stands to reason. There is no other award, nor does one’s specific ranking category mean they personally possess some special skill. It all boils down to number of posts. And one’s literary skills quickly become apparent. You’ll see posts where there is no punctuation, nor capital letters used and the recipe is basically one long run-on sentence, with blatent spelling errors. That makes for difficult reading and interpreting…for the most part, you’ll see members post in a conscientous manner. But, we’re all human, and all subject to mistake. So, don’t get hung up on the ranking…nor the writings skills. They do not necessarily make for being adept in the kitchen. We’re all here to learn, share and have fun. So enjoy!

B-man :wink: