Baked Beans

I attempted to make a batch of baked beans. I soaked the navy beans over night and cooked in a dutch oven 9 hrs later they were almost ready. I added water as I went…Why 9 hrs to cook what did I do wrong?

Sounds to me like your dried beans were old. Sometimes they end up as rocks and no amount of soaking and cooking will soften them. 2-3 hours at 325°F should have been the norm.

Here’s a very good baked beans recipe that doesn’t have the hassle of soaking beans. Great side dish for the 4th.

4 large cans pork & beans
1 large onion-chopped
1 lb raw bacon-cut up
1 16oz bottle heinz ketchup
2 tbls yellow mustard (prepared)
1 1# box dark brown sugar
2 tbls parsley
2 tbls worchesteshire
1 tsp garlic powder
3/4 c water to thin (rinse the ketchup bottle with the 3/4 c water and set aside. If beans are too thick at the end of cooking, use this water to thin a little.

Mix all ingredients in a large roaster pan. Bake uncovered for 2 hours @350. Stir every so-often, especially the last half hour. That’s when they start to thicken.

Be sure to add the bacon raw. I use my kitchen scissors to cut the bacon. Just pick up the whole slab and cut across the slices then you’ll have mini slabs. Don’t worry too much about breaking them up as they’ll come apart as they cook when you stir periodically.

I usually buy the Institutional size can of pork & beans. It’s about 6.5 #'s or 750 oz. If you use the large cans of beans get enough to equate that amount. I found that the less expensive brands as VanKamps, Showboat, or generic and store brands work the best. The beans are softer and there’s more juice in them. DON’T USE CAMPBELL’S or any pre canned “Baked Beans” already made.

Hope you try and enjoy them.