Baked Beans

Hello to everyone out there; this is my first post. I live in central Michigan and years ago we had a company called Leons who made potato salad, baked beans, and other such items. I really would like their baked bean recipe if anyone has it. my husband has been craving them, and we have had no luck finding a recipe. I have been told by the company who now makes the potato salad that the beans are no longer made. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much!!! have one question however. You note to fry 1/4 C diced onion and 1’2 C diced onion. Correct? Thank you.

Anyone have a copycat recipe for Van Camp’s Pork & Beans? I know they are inexpensive and easy to buy, but if they ever decide to stop making them, it would be good to have a copycat recipe.