Baked Beets

Baked Beets

Beets; whole, unpeeled tops removed, washed

Place beets on a tray, in an oven at 350F degrees for 1 hour. Let cool slightly and slip off skins, mash and serve with butter and/or sour cream. Sqeeze a bit of lime onto them right before serving.

Hey, KW;
When you peel them, do you need to wear gloves to prevent stains on your hands? I’ve wanted to try roasting my own beets but have heard stories…

The only time I wear gloves is if I am doing a big batch - but I find that if I “spear” them and hold them down (LOL) with one fork - I can peel them with the other fork and not get stained. Or I’ll split them, spear them with the fork (cut down side on the cutting board (stain that instead!) then peel with a second fork. Clean your cutting board with salt and a halved lemon - no biggie.

Gloves come in handy for big batches for sure.

When I boil them - I only use a glass pan - easier to clean.

:mrgreen: Thank you so much for this info! :mrgreen:

You’re very welcomed!