Baked Salmon on Sauerkraut under a Blanket of Mashed Potatoes

Living alone and cooking for one, I recently had
some leftover mashed potatoes as well as sauerkraut.
I also had some frozen salmon in the freezer.

I never knew that salmon and sauerkraut would go well together, but they do
( … and after I had made this dish, I found several recipe for a combination of salmon and sauerkraut on the internet)

This is more a suggestion than a real “recipe”

( I very seldom have recipes of the dishes I prepare. If somebody needs a correct list of the ingredients, I have to cook the dish again and write everything down)

But I had:
some cooked sauerkraut
1 smallish piece of salmon filet
mashed potato
green onion
crumbled Feta cheese
some grated aged Gouda grated.

Into a small (buttered) casserole dish I put:

a) cooked sauerkraut
b) a piece of salmon filet
… which had been drizzled with Lemon juice
… and slightly sprinkled with salt.
c) mashed potatoes with some chives and Feta cheese
d) sprinkled the top with some grated Gouda
… and baked it in the Toaster oven at 375ºF for about 25 minutes.

It was very good, and I will certainly make this dish again for friends.

It will bake within a reasonable short time (while the hostess can chat with her friends), and is a perfect dish for having company.
Everything can be prepared ahead, which eliminates any last minute stress.

With a soup and a mixed green salad,
as well as some ice-cream with hot rasperries for desert
you have an easy and great meal.