Baked Shrimp Scampi

B-man has come through again. I made his post for Baked Garlic Scampi and it was scrumptious. I only used half a lemon for the juice and, for me, that was enough. I definitely will make again and again. This is a recipe that is easy enough for a weekend night and fancy enough for guests. Thanks.

Thanks my friend. Glad you enoyed! I’ll be back soon with more recipes. Meantime…questions and concerns can be fielded through ALINE!!! Regards everyone,

B-man :slight_smile:

Hi, I just joined. This recipe sounds like the scampi at Red Lobster! I would love to try it.

Welcome to Recipe Secrets Barb! We all look forward to your recipe posts. Be sure to stop by the International Recipe Forum, and hopefully you can contribute to what’s there right now. The forum is relatively new, and we will slowly be building on new themes. This forum we are in here, is for recipe review, and recipes should be posted in the Recipe Exchange, International Recipes, Just Desserts, or Ingredient…not here in recipe review, or chat forum! I’ll repost the recipe in the Recipe Exchange under welcome Barbchamp! You can check it out there. Once again Welcome Barb!

B-man :wink: