Baking Chicken

It seems to take forever to bake chicken fully no matter what reciepe I use. I’m wondering what factors effect baking time? For example I tried cooking a chicken casserole @ 425 degrees and 50 mintues later the chicken was still not fully cook. I have this problem with any reciepe I choose including chicken. I would love any tips ppl can give!

Also try roasting your chicken on one side for 18 minutes, turn to the other side for 18 minutes and finally on its back for 18 minutes. It should be perfectly roasted and golden brown all over.

Make sure that your chicken isn’t frozen. This will cause it to have to cook for longer. You might want to try turning up the oven temperature and also use a thermometer. I love putting chicken in the crock pot and letting it cook all day. That way I don’t have to mess with it and it smells heavenly all day!

agree, you have to make it sure that the chicken is not frozen.
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