bean soup question

i made a pot yesterday, and left in on the stove overnite, because it was still very hot…today as i’m re-heating the pot, there seems to be alot of foam coming to the top, and i noticed quite a different taste…i can’t imagine it went bad, i’m sure it hadn’t completely cooled until morning…do you think it could have went bad? i sure hope not, what a waste of a good ham bone it would be…

sorry to say - it went bad and you should not eat it.

if the pot was too hot you should have trasferred it to a big bowl and refrigerated it within 30 minutes of making it

bacteria sets in between the temperatures of 41 and 140* F - and they can make you very sick - to say the least

sorry about the ham bone - it’s not worth it - and to think that pork left out overnight? please dump it - it’s not worth it - your health is more important

thanks for your response, although that was not what i was hoping to hear…So what is all the foam from anyway…I did eat some, so i hope i don’t get sick…How long would it take for me to start feeling sick…

everyone’s system is different - those who are more susceptible feel it within a couple hours - I’m sorry to tell you that the bacteria had set in and has caused that to happen - never leave cooked foods out for a length of time - once their temperature gets anywhere between 41 and 140* F that is what happens -
I hope you don’t get sick from this -

here’s a for instance - this holiday season (I wonder when I will learn my lesson - this has happened before - but at McD’s) we were out shopping and stopped for a quick bite at BK - so I order a whopper and a coke - we all ate the same thing - no fries - just a whopper and a coke

tasted fine

that night 2 were hanging their heads over the porcelain god

the next day the other 2 were doing the same thing