Beef Cuts

The most tender beef cuts (rib, short loin and sirloin) come from the cow’s least exercised muscles, namely along its upper back.

Heavily exercised muscles produce less tender cuts, such as chuck (near the cow’s front end) and round (from its rear).

CHUCK - known as Arm Steak - a/k/a Round Bone Steak or Swiss Steak

CHUCk - known as Top Blade Pot Roast - a/k/a Top Chuck Roast or 7-Bone Roast

CHUCK - known as Short Ribs - a/k/a Barbecue Ribs or Braising Ribs

RIB - known as Back Ribs - a/k/a Beef Riblet or Rib Bones

RIB - known as Rib Eye Roast - a/k/a Delmonico Roast or Roll Roast

LOIN - known as Tenderloin Steak - a/k/a Filet Mignon or Fillet Steak

LOIN - known as Boneless Top Loin Steak - a/k/a Boneless Club Steak, New York Strip Steak, Kansas City Steak, Strip Steak or Ambassador Steak

ROUND - known as Top Round Steak - a/k/a Top Round London Broil or Short Cut Steak

ROUND - known as Tip Roast - a/k/a Tip Sirloin Roast or Knuckle Roast

FLANK - known as Flank Steak - a/k/a Flank Steak Fillet, London Broil or Jiffy Steak

PLATE - known as Skirt Steak - a/k/a Fajita Meat or Philadelphis Steak

BRISKET - known as Whole Boneless Brisket - a/k/a Fresh Beef Brisket