Beef Hash

This is a very good recipe for left over beef roast. We like it over mashed roasted garlic mashed potatoes, onion beef rice or regular rice, noodles or over toast points.

Cube beef roast in bite size pieces, one large onion and about 6 cloves of minced garlic sautéed. Add to the beef salt and black pepper to taste ( you can use some beef bullion cubes about 3 to give more of a beefy taste and cover with water to cover heat until comes to a boil then simmer until done. I also use this new Chicago Steak seasoning you use it like fresh ground pepper it has it’s own grinder in the cap it gives the beef hash a very good flavor to. When it is done thickened it with flour, corn starch or other thickeners. I like to use the corn starch. Serve hot.