Beef Stroganoff (old family recipe)

Wel seeing as I am Russian and I LOVE beef Stroganoff, why not allow you guys to share in the Yumminess of this dish:

1lb of meat (I like a soft meat like a flank steak) chopped into small sections
1 large yellow onion
a few mushrooms (I love these, so I put a lot in there)
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
Seasonings to taste

This is very simple. You get a frying pan out (rather large one)
Cook the chopped meat fully in the frying pan, and then lay it off to the side
Cook the mushrooms, not too much, jsut enought o have them shrink down in size
cook onions
Mix all 3 together in pan.
Mix in 2 cans of Creme of Mushroom soup
SEason with Sal and pepper to taste
Serve over rice.