Belle,s Old Fashioned Elberta Peach Pie - Family Recipe

This is a Yellow Freestone peach that has the richest flavor of all other peaches. It is a southern peach. That is what makes this pie so tasty. We like it a lot with a dollop of fresh home made Elberta peach ice cream YUM!!!

Double pie crust from the dairy department in the super market or homemade pie crust
8 peaches, parred, pitted and sliced in eights
3 Tbsp. lemon juice
1/2 cup sugar, more if desired and a little to sprinkle on the crust
2 Tbsp. tapioca
1/8 tsp. salt
about 2 Tbsp. light cream

Preheat the oven to 450*F.

Put the floured on the bottom crust in the bottom of a 9" pie plate.

Turn peaches into a medium bowl and stir in lemon juice to keep them from darkening. Stir in tapioca and salt, folding gently together until peaches are thoroughly coated. Fill the bottom of the pie crust with the peach mixture, moisten the edge of the bottom crust and put the top crust over the peach pie filling and Flute the edges, with a knife cut decorative steam vents in the top crust. Bush with a coating of cream and sprinkle with a little sugar.

Bake for 15 minutes at 450* then reduce the oven to 350* and bake for 35 minutes longer

I’m sorry; but “WE” never use a store bought pie crust!!! In the south, “WE” still make our own dough!!! Yep! it takes a little time; but “it’s well worth it” !!! Lard! What’s That? Go ask a true southerner!!! This old world is “crumbling down”!!

Well aren’t we picky???

I was born and raised in the South I am a Southerner as all get out. And I always make my our pie crust but don’t you know that some people do not have the time to make a homemade pie crust especially when they are old and sick.

Now don’t you stand or sit there and tell me I am not a southerner. Most people do not have the time to make a homemade pie crust because they are working all of the time.

I know I am probably more southern than you ever thought about being, just because you were born in the South doesn’t mean you are a true Southerner.

And you I don’t give a darn what you think you are you and I am me. I’ll bet one of these days you will be to old and sick to make a lot of homemade things, oh don’t get me wrong I still bake a lot of homemade things and I mean a lot.
so just get off my back. o.k. and go where the Sun don’t shine!!! And while you are at it why don’t you get a life to.

Ouch! Good comeback, Belle. That person probably just finished watching Jerry Springer (while making a “homemade” pie crust) and just had to exhibit their newly learned behavioral lesson from one of Jerry’s guests :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am one of those busy people and I will admit that I do buy Marie Callander’s frozen pie crust. As a child, we had a lot of fruit trees and bushes. Pie was a staple in our house and my mother made a mean pie crust. I only liked apple and peach pie so when she baked any berry or rhubarb pies, I just ate the crust. I am a crust connosieur and Marie’s is right up there.

Back to your peach pie recipe, I now live in Florida and the peaches are horrible! They are so flavorless that if you were blindfolded and fed a peach, you wouldn’t know what you’re eating. Any recommendations on prepping the mixture to boost the peach flavor? Otherwise, I will have to go to the frozen or canned sections and buy prepared peaches :slight_smile: Seriously, if you have any recommendations, I’d appreciate your feedback.

Have a great day, Paula

Thanks KW,

Before I read your response, I purchased Georgia peaches from a roadside stand. They were not ripe. I currently have them in brown bags and it seems to be working. Tomorrow I will take a bite and see where I’m at.

Thanks for the advice. I will try your recommendations and possibly add some heavy syrup from a can of freestone peaches. Heck, I might even use some of those, depending on the flavor of my peaches.

I’ll keep you posted. I am going to use a frozen Marie Callander’s pie crust :slight_smile:

Take care, Paula

Hi KW,

I tried your suggestion and guess what it worked, but I did find some ripe peaches in a farmers market in Pine Mountain, GA and they are so good, it seems the syrup really works for ripe peaches to, I used the refrigerated pie curst. I made this Sunday night.
Thanks again KW

tommy p

HEY. I used a refrigerated pie crust again, you transplanted Southerner!!! So called Southerner.

Well I guess you are right, we do a lot of talking with our hands don’t we? I for one do, hubby says what are you doing I tell I’m talking, he will just laugh and shake his head, LOL.

I love to make homemade pie crust when I feel like it because they have such a great taste, more so than the refrigerated ones.

When I make a fresh pie crust and it bakes I just pinch it to taste it because they are great. and you are right about getting to be a perfect fit in the pie plate it is heck sometimes, because you can get them to thin and one sided to.

O.K. I won’t say any more about the pie crust.

KW and Belle,

Just want to let you know that I made the pie without any changes. I used the peaches after they ripened in the bags. They were sweet to the taste and I decided to go for it without doing the extra step. Long story short, the pie was very good. A little tart but it was pleasant. Adding ice cream or a topping would have taken care of someone wanting a real sweet taste, but I thought it was great! So did many of my guinea pigs :slight_smile: I did use a frozen pie crust. Yes, KW, you’re right about the manuevering of the prepared shells. After all my reconstruction of the cracked, dismembered top, there was no doubt that it was homemade; however, it was very good. Next time, I’ll try my own. Many years ago in the 10th grade, I was blessedly forced to take home economics. I mastered the pie crust at that time. I’ll do it again with my next pie.

Have a great day!

Hi Paula,

I did the same thing with the peaches I got at a farmers market two weeks ago did nothing different but this time I did make my own homemade pie crusts and I did use pure lard in them to much better than the ones you make with margarine or butter, they were sure much easier to work with than the refrigerated or frozen ones think I will just stick with the homemade ones from now on and like KW said to me it is the best part of the pie. YUMMY. I am going to make a Mile High Apple pie and another peach, and a cherry pie to in the next three weeks.

Have a great day!!

Got to go back to work now.

Hi Belle,

A mile high apple pie? Post the recipe, please. This time, I’ll make my own crust, too :slight_smile: Seriously, I’d really like the apple pie recipe.

Thanks, Paula

WOW, KW, THANKS for the info! I can’t wait to do this. As always, you have every i dotted and every t crossed so there is no room for error. I truly appreciate that.

No, I haven’t seen “Yahoo Serious.” Excuse my ignorance but is it a movie?

I am going to try this recipe and will let all know how it goes. Apple pie is my favorite pie, and in my opinion, you can’t have enough gooey apple filling.

Thanks, Paula

Hi Paula and KW,

I am going to make a mile high pie today in just a few minutes and will let you both know how it truns out, OOOOOH I love apple pie it is my favorite to so nice and gooey and so fatting to , but I’m not going to worry about fat old Belle I will be fat if I want to, there LOL. I’ve had several mile high pies before that my mother use to make and hubby,s mom to now he is bugging me to hurry up and make one. I just told him if he would peel and core them for me that I would make us a mile pie after he got the peeling and coreing done he said on you got a deal, MMMMM that’s a first, but I like it.

Yall have a wonderful day and don’t get to fat like I know I will, LOL, LOL, LOL.


Anyone who has food network should check out a show called Road Tasted. I checked their schedule and on Sept. 30 at 2:30 eastern time they will have on the lady who makes Mile High apple pies. She makes one that weighs 18 pounds. She shows you how to stack the apples so they don’t fall over. I can’t imagine making a pie that big. You could feed a whole football team!

Just have a minute, Naw it won’t be enough for the four of us Witch, LOL, LOL. we need one a lot bigger than that so we can all get fatter & fatter together more fun that way what do you say to that, LOL.LOL.LOL. No seriously I can’t imagine even trying to lift one that heavy think I would nave to get me a derrick to left it for me, then it might break my table half into OMG what a mess that will be, No Way


KW and Belle,

Join the challenge. You both said that you were going to make the mile high pie and you’ve done it before, try for the 18 pounder LOL. Truly, I can’t imagine that but would certainly like to indulge. KW, I am going to use your recipe for mine but if you happen to make one in the near future, please post a picture. Not the 18 pounder, your regular :slight_smile: Gosh, what size pan would they use? Square? Round? And you’re right, Belle, how in the heck would you manuever such a creature. In any event, I’m marking my calendar to see it.

Take care, Paula

I saw the show the first time it was on. The best I remember she put a crust in it looked like a 10 inch round pan. Then she layered up the apples in what looked like a 2 qt. pyrex bowl and turned it upside down on the crust. Then she topped it with another crust. It looked like a hornet’s nest. She said the trick was in how you lay the apples. She has a bakery and they ship. If I can find their website maybe they have a picture of it on there.

I cant wait to try these. Both of these recipes look delicious. And Belle, I do love to see a good comeback when someone ruffles the feathers of a true Southerner!!! Take care and keep the good ones coming.

Thanks again and I will certainly try and keep the good recipes coming or at least try to. You take care----now!!!

Hello Belle, KW and all,

I just purchased some of the most tender, sweet Georgia peaches and I’m gonna do it again. A Father’s Day surprise for my pal. My daughter is making homemade ice cream. I just re-read all the comments from way back when. This is going to be good!

Hope you all are well. I haven’t been in the site for a while. It’s always been very relaxing and fun. Problem is that when I have time to relax, it’s also time for sleep; 'been very busy.

I’ll post the results!!!