Big Splurge

I treated myself to a dinner out. I went to a nice little restaurant (not Thai). I had Lobster Bisque, a Roasted red and yellow bell pepper salad, Baked fish with roasted potatoes and diced mixed fruit with a little sweetened condensed milk poured over it and a light sprinkling of cinnamon for dessert. My “Big Splurge” cost me just over $6.00 including tip.

The cheapest full price movie tickets here are $3.50. Different seats have different prices and all seats are reserved. The most expensive tickets include 1 hour of hors d oeuvres, a cocktail, a large bowl of popcorn and a soft drink; both are replenished midway into the movie. The seat are very comfortable recliners and include a pillow and light blanket. All the seats in that theater are the same. It’s like a private screening. Cost is $17.60.