Bison Bourguignon by FireLake Grill House

Bison Bourguignon by FireLake Grill House


1 Bison Chuck Roast (4-5#) cut into 3" cubes trimmed

Kosher salt + pepper

Olive oil - approx. ¼ cup

4 medium carrots

4 stalks celery chopped large

8 ounces cippolini onions cut in half

8 ounces crimini mushrooms cut in half

3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 large sprig of thyme

½ cup AP flour

½ bottle red wine Cabernet Sauvignon preferred

6 cups beef stock

1 pound fingerling potatoes, smaller the better

Fresh chopped herbs for garnish


  1. Season bison with salt and pepper. Dredge in AP flour and pat to remove excess flour. Sear in hot cast iron braising pan using olive oil. Brown meat on all sides and remove from pan. Place on paper towel to rest.

  2. Using same pan add vegetables with remaining olive oil sauté for approx 5 minutes to lightly brown. Add garlic and herbs and deglaze with red wine. Reduce wine by half.

  3. Add beef stock and return bison back to pan. Cover with a tight fitting lid and reduce heat to a very soft simmer.

  4. Cook bison slowly for approx 2 ½ hours until meat is just starting to become tender. Add potatoes and cook an additional ½ hour until potatoes are soft and meat is fork tender.

  5. To serve ladle bison, vegetables and reduce braising liquid into a bowl and garnish with chopped herbs

Serves approx. 8 -10 people