Black or Pinto in this Dill Veggie Soup?

Sauteed white onion and garlic, diced red potatoes and cut fresh green beans, dill and black pepper in chicken broth. Now I need non-meat protein, and I’m not sure whether black or pinto beans (the only two I have on hand) will go with this recipe best. If neither, what should I use now, and what kind of bean would go best with it in the future?

Beans are pretty much the same. Differences are mainly color and/or size. Larger beans, like kidney, can affect texture, but only coz of their size.
Black, pinto, great northern, etc, are all the same. One that I really like in soups is garbonzo beans (chick peas).
So I’d say go for the one that pleases ya’. For your dish, I’d go with the black beans, but only coz they look nicer with potatoes.