Blt Sandwich Recipe

This blt recipe is the one my mom always made for me. Now my mom tells me I’m so old that I have to make my sandwiches myself! So one day I made a blt, and it tasted exactly like the one my mom always served me. Now you can enjoy a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato yourself!

By the way! I remember once I was at a Subway restaurant in New York ordering a blt. The woman started make me one. She used the mayonnaise, tomato some lettuce, cheese and the last thing she took on before she wanted me to pay was salami. SALAMI?! Then I said; Excuse me? May I have some bacon on my Blt?" She said; “Sure, but you have to pay extra!” I regret I didn’t just left the store right away.

Here’s a great blt recipe you can make home in just minutes.The taste is also much better than Subway’s so-called blt.

Blt (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato)
2 slices white bread

  1. Toast the bread and spread the mayonnaise.
  2. Cut up some tomato and put it on the slice
  3. Then have some lettuce on before you put on some slices with bacon.
  4. If you want, you may have some cheese on. I usually do, because of the taste!
  5. Just before you put on the last slice with bread, be sure you have spread out some mayonnaise on the top of the cheese!

Yummy! This is really easy and the taste is stunning! This blt sandwich recipe is a winner. Remember to always have enough bacon, it’s the best ingredient!

Sliced ripe avocado and radish sprouts go well on a BLT too.