Boiled Peanuts? need good recipe

Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for boiled peanuts? I’ve been hankering for them big time. Thanks! Lu:)

i sell the best boiled peanuts in florida -cajun or plane .

I am not an expert by a long shot, but had these one time while traveling through the South East and love them. The trick is to find raw peanuts in the shell. I find them in the bulk foods at a health foods store. The ones I had were quite salty. I don’t know if that is normal or not, but all I do is boil the raw peanuts in very salty water for a long time, a couple of hours at least. I have done them in the crock pot and cooked them all day. Salt and long cooking. That was all I did.


I am not an expert either, but after 28 years in the south, I learned how to make them. The best peanuts to use are GREEN peanuts in the shell. Raw can be used, but the green are better. Walmart sometimes carries both, in a small bag that is easy to freeze if you buy several. Sharon’s idea of the crock pot works well. Rinse the peanuts before cooking, sometimes they have dirt still. It takes a few hours, but they are about done when they don’t float anymore. Stir every 30 minutes or so, for even cooking. Lots of salt in the water, and more of a simmer than a boil. Now I want some! Hope this helps! Kim