Boston Cream Pie

Just curious - Can anyone tell me why Boston Cream Pie is called a pie when it is actually a cake?

Who knew? (I cetainly didn’t.) What a great history lesson! (This is one of the many reasons I just love this forum). Thank you. I love how you always come through and I really enjoy your posts.

I would have bet money that KW would be the one with the answer. Thanks.

Any wagers as to who is more “up there”?

Not too personal at all. I have passed the half-century mark long ago. I started dabbling with cooking about 45 years ago. Your turn! Do you remember Francoise Pope cooking on TV?

We didn’t have a TV until I was about 8 or 9. How old were you when you started to cook?

So if you started cooking at 3 53 years ago, I have 10 years on you. LOL
Hell yes, I remember my older brother insisting all the lights be out and we sat on the floor in front of the big radio and watched the green light at the bottom while I was scared out of my wits listening to Suspense, Inner Sanctum and Mr. & Mrs. North.
My grandmother had a wood or coal burning iron stove to heat the apartment and to cook on. She closed off some rooms to save heat. She also heated the irons on it to do the ironing. We had an icebox and it was my job to empty the drip pan. If I didn’t get it emptied soon enough, it was my job to mop up the water and wash the floor.
I am not Italian, but my great aunt was. When I was a teenager she had everything in the house covered with plastic. She had new wall to wall carpeting installed and bought plastic runners to cover every place you might step. When she bought a new kitchen stove with lots of chrome, she moved the old stove to the basement and cooked down there and brought the food upstairs. I don’t know for sure, but I feel certain she washed her floors on her hands and knees too.

Living in Thailand means automatically taking off your shoes when entering a home, but few people have carpets here. All my floors are tiles, easy to clean and cooler.