Breakfast Bagel

I found this wonderful Breakfast Bagel recipe off a great toaster-oven

website having lots of such recipes!

Prep: 5 min, cook: 10 min

* poppy seed bagel, split and toasted
* butter or mayonnaise
* slices prosciutto
* slices vidalia onions or yellow onions
* slices swiss cheese
* spicy yellow deli mustard

Spread the toasted bagel halves with butter or mayonnaise. Arrange the

bagel halves, cut side up, on a toaster oven tray. Layer the prosciutto

slices on top of one bagel half; top with onion and cheese slices. Slide

the cheese topped bagel half into a toaster oven, and heat on the top

brown or toast setting until cheese melts. Top with second bagel half.

Serve the sandwich immediately with deli mustard.

Sounds like a great recipe! I’ll have to send you one of mine! Thanks a ton!

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You’re welcome!
I’ll be back with more…:slight_smile: