Broccoli Question

Daughter wants homemade mac’n cheese for lunch and I want to add some broccoli to it. Do I just add them raw, blanched, steamed???


If you are using fresh cut, then blanch with steam for a few minutes to cause the cabbage worms to release . If you are using frozen then just add it to the Mac and Cheese as you heat it. If you are using store bought fresh also blanch for just a few minutes.

Thanks Shadows! I had store bought broccoli. I was concerned that it would get too mushy or would not be cooked enough. I quickly blanched them for almost a minute. Turned out great! When the mac’n cheese was done, the broccoli was cooked enough but still had a little “bite” to them, just the way we like it.

FYI… I remember years ago, I had fresh cut broccoli from my parents’ garden and was preparing them for freezing. That was the LAST time that I froze fresh cut broccoli! LOL It had too many worms for me: I took out worms while I was cutting it, worms came out when I washed it, worms came out when I blanched them. Yuk!!! LOL So I now stick to the store bought broccoli.