Brownie Info

How to properly blend brownie ingredients

Most brownie recipes call for melting the chocolate with the fat and adding this mixture to beaten eggs and sugar. Let the chocolate mixture cool completely before adding it to the eggs and sugar as it makes for a lighter brownie.

How to tell if the brownies are cooked

Brownies are cooked when the edges look hard, the top has cracked slightly, and the surface has a glassy appearance. The center should not jiggle when you shake the pan. The toothpick method works on cakey brownies, but not fudgy ones!

About cooling and cutting brownies

As they cool, brownies shrink from the side of the pan and set. Put them out of reach of the thronging hordes and don’t cut until they’ve reached room temperature.

Help! I’m out of baking chocolate!

Substitute 3/4 cup cocoa (unsweetened) and 1/4 cup Crisco for 4 squares (ounces) of chocolate.

For fudgy brownies, mix all ingredients with a wooden spoon just until everything is combined.

Using an electric mixer and mixing the ingredients too much will result in a cake-like brownie.