What a difference a day makes!!!

Thursday evening it was 62 and last night it was 28 and this morning it is 15!

No snow - sun is shining - but the temp is below freezing!!! The winds are still a bit strong - seem to be strong enough to blow the snow past us (for once)!

A perfect Soup Day!

Polish sausage, potatoes, onion, celery, carrots, peas and seasonings! And I will throw in some macaroni of some sort. The pot is on now! It will be ready for lunch.

The oven is on - homemade bread is in the oven. Warm bread and a hot cup of tea - should hold me until soup is done - then it’s soup and bread. A belly warmer.

Other than getting the mail out of the mailbox - it’s a day to stay in and hibernate!

(Too worn out from the babies yesterday!!)