Burger King Zesty Dipping Sauce

Hi again all! I figured I would share one or two more recipes from my kitchen with you. Even though I own a restaurant and am a FIRM believer in cooking from scratch, even I can’t resist a Whopper now and then :smiley: When Burger King came out with their zesty dipping sauce for onion rings, I was in love, and had to try my hand at the recipe. This is my version, and we use it at The Sub Shop with great reviews. As a side note, one of my customers likes to buy it in bulk and use it on oysters, and to dip shrimp in. This recipe makes restaurant quantity, so unless you’re planning a party, you may want to cut it in half, more likely 1/4 it.

16 tsp horseradish
16 tsp tomato paste
4 tsp apple cider vinegar
8 tsp catenne pepper
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp beef granules
4 TBS corn syrup
8 tsp lemon juice
3 cups mayo (helmanns is really the preferred choice here)
16 tsp dijon mustard (grey poupon os the ONLY one you should use here)
8 TBS sugar

place all ingredients into a large bowl. It will look horrible, but keep mixing until all ingredients are evenly mixed and you have a smooth looking sauce. Refrigerate for at least an hour before using. As far as the zesty part goes here, let me try to help you gauge how hot this is. I am a fire eater when it comes to hot food (Quickies DOA wings, all things hot, I devour. I have yet to meet a wing or a chili too hot for me). On MY scale of 1-10, the heat here is about a 4-5. You may wish to cut the horseradish in half here if your spicy genes aren’t as predominant as mine. Also, if you want to taste test it to determine it’s heat, LET IT REST IN THE REFRIGERATOR OVERNIGHT! Horseradish has plenty of liquid in it, and will permeate the sauce as time goes on, so if it tastes “just right” to you when you mix it, it will probably be hotter than you can stand the next day.

What are beef granules :?:

Beef granules are just a different form of bouillon cubes, and are found in the same type of jar next to them at your grocery store. The only difference between the two is that the granules dissolve quicker :slight_smile: