Cake Decorating Video Tips

Learn how to decorate cakes so beautiful that people will stop and take pictures. New instructional video site will show you step by step how to create amazing decorated cakes and desserts. Your friends will swear you paid to have them done! For details go to:

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I never get my cakes to come out looking like bakery cakes. I never thought of using fondant. Thanks for the idea.

Thanks for the nice video.

Here a cake decoration video and it’s really a fantastic and how to make a step by step cake and the you decorate it with a flowers and a some chocolate balls use and many other way you decorate also as you like and it looks a very nice and taste was a awesome.

absolutely beautiful! this is a new found hobbie of mine and have yet to try fondant…That is the butter cream frosting - just a light layer, then chill. Helps provide a smooth surface to place the rolled out fondant on top of.

I have seen the video which you have given above Its really awesome and fantastic. I have never make cake I always prefer it from the bakery . But Thanks for the nice video.

To make fondant can I use glucose syrup in place of glycerin?

Thanks, I can get glucose syrup here, but haven’t found glycerin.

Here is a video decorating the cake and it really great step by step how to make cakes decorated with flowers and some chocolate balls you use and how many others I decorate as you like and it looks pretty And had excellent taste.

This video is really very interesting and helpful…a hand-decorated cake makes any occasion more special. Serving a homemade cake with unique, personalized icing lets the guest of honor know that you really care.

I have watched this video
best tips about cake decorating
i like this video

Its very nice post about the making cake at home.

I have watched this video. The steps and decoration is simple but still beautiful. Thanks for your sharing!

Nice video. I always want to do something like this. I think presentation is around 70% that make up a good food.

Interesting recipe’s. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and nice video. The decoration is amazing.

Hi RD,
Awesome cake decorating video tips and will be of great help for many to decorate lovely cakes now. Found this video very informative and will share with others also so bookmarked the link.

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Beautiful and tempting recipe for me but it looks really awesome,just stunning :slight_smile:

Nice decorating tips and would appreciate that.