Cake Mix Cookie wanted

While away on vacation at the beach, I was watching the Foodnetwork channel & saw a lady making marbled cookies using 2 kinds of dough made from vanilla & chocolate cake mixes. I can’t seem to find this recipe on their web-site.
Anyone have this recipe?

Hi Bonnie,

I went to and in the search bar type these words exactly
" cookies and cake mix" and you will get all the cookie recipes from the Sara Lee show for that day. It looked to me that the one you want is the Harvest Walnut Cookie. Also if you like the idea of making other things out of cake mix there are two great little books:

101 Things to Do With a Cake Mix and

101 More Things to Do With a Cake Mix

Both by Stephanie Ashcraft

Hope this helps :smiley:


PS The Harvest Walnut recipe looks great… I think I will try it too!!

Hi Bonnie,

It’s me again. Interestingly enough, when I went back to the food network to print out the Harvest Walnut Cookie recipe it would not come up as it did for me before on the first try. It took 4 times but I finally got it. But I have a less frustrating way for you. In my other reply I called the chef Sara Lee. Her name is Sandra Lee and her show is called Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee. So if you ckick on her show in the ‘Find an Episode’ bar, then when there, scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on ‘Cookie Show’ it will take you to the recipes. The show aired on July 18th, 2005 so if you get stuck I believe you can find it under TV by the air date; also under Celebrity Chefs, listed under ‘S’ for Sandra. WOW… by the time I typed all this out , I guess I could have typed out the recipe too :oops:


Thank you, Joanie!
I had no idea what they were called. My 92 year old MIL is in the nursing home & I bring her sweets often. I figured that making cookies out of cake mix would make a very soft cookie for her. (minus the nuts)
Thanks for your help!

Hi Bonnie,
You are quite welcome. I am glad I could help. I hope your MIL enjoys them. God love her…I guess once a sweet tooth, always a sweet tooth :lol: Since you need to keep the cookies soft, I found a hint in the ‘Cooking Tips’ section from skyEyz_7. She states that if you put a piece of bread in the air-tight container with the cookies, they will stay soft. Just change the bread when it gets hard.

My Best,

Hi bonnieboo_13

I have the Harvest Walnut Cookie recipe that Sandra Lee posted on her site. I too thought that they looked really good, so I made them. Save yourself the expense and your time. Those cookies look so much better than they taste. This recipe needs a lot of fine tuning. I went back to her website after I made the cookies and read some of the reviews for the recipe. I was not alone in thinking that this recipe was a bust. I don’t like to knock someone’s recipes, but in this case, take it from someone that’s been there. I’d rather someone tell me about a bad recipe if they know it to be a fact. That’s one of the things that I enjoy about this website. We can share news and learn from the experience of others.

BetK :wink:

What a shame! They looked so good in the picture. I did browse through my 2 books mentioned above and noticed that all the cookie recipes made from the cake mixes use 2 eggs per box as opposed to the 1 egg per box in the Harvest Walnut recipe. Might be worth the experiment.