Cambodian Soup

Hi all,

this is my first post and the main reason, i’m here : Cambodian soup.

Having read a number of recipes posted on this site, i’m confident that some of the members have very good knowledge of asian cooking.

So here’s the question :

:arrow:Does anybody know the recipe of the Cambodian soup, which i have also come to know as the Phnom Penh Soup ?

The clues i can give you as to what it contains (and i know there are variations) are these : Boiled quail eggs on top (decoration maybe), ground pork, shrimps, dried micro-shrimps and various slices of pork parts… It is mostly served in the way of the vietnamese Pho (noodles soup in a big bowl)

Anyway, it is a delightful soup. Should anyone know of this soup recipe and post it on this forum, me and my stomach will be eternally grateful:D

Thanks and congratulation for the very appetizing site,

Jaïman Catso

Thank you very much, Kitchen Witch. I will explore the different recipes you provided.

By the way, i noticed that you were very quick to respond, thanks again.

I’ll be enjoying this site and will try to bring forth good recipes.



Very interesting. Amazing ingredients, any veggie options?