1 pck. (8 oz.) frozen artificial crab legs, completely thawed
1 pck. (4 oz.) frozen baby shrimp, thawed

Cut half of the crab leg pieces into 1 inch lengths and the remaining half into finely cut pieces. Combine with the thawed baby shrimp. Set aside while you make the sauce.

1 can (10 oz.) cream of chicken soup
1 pck. (4 oz.) shredded Velveeta cheese
fresh cilantro leaves scissor snipped into large pieces

In the top of a double boiler, over gently simmering water, combine soup and cheese and stir til cheese melts completely and blends well into the soup. Reduce heat to under a simmer to keep the sauce warm. Mix enough of the sauce with the crab/shrimp mixture to bind.

1 pck. (8 tortillas)

Lightly brown each tortilla on a lightly greased pancake griddle or in a Teflon coated roomy skillet that has been coated with corn oil and quite hot (as you would have for making ordinary pancakes).
NOTE: You want the tortillas to have only a trace of brown around the edges and be pliable so they can be rolled up easily.

Divide the crab/shrimp mixture equally between the 8 tortillas, placing mixture over the top 1/3 of each and roll up. Place seam-side-down on an oven-proof plate (keep them close together). Spoon remaining cheese sauce over the top of tortillas and heat briefly (15 seconds) in the microwave oven (or place under broiler til browned). Add cilantro for garnish.

Each Cancun dinner is served with an accompaniment of refried beans, Spanish rice and Chi Chi’s spicy slaw.