Cant think of what to cook with pickled peppers (hot)

Hey guys, new here, had a question:

I am in the process of pickling peppers. Im talking a mix of really hot peppers such as ghost, habanero, jalapeno, etc. So this will probably too hot to just eat the peppers as is.

I’ve been looking around and its hard to find recipes that make use of pickled peppers because most I just find is how to pickle them.

I know I can use it to make chili oil, things like that, but I’m wondering if anyone has some awesome uses for them, or maybe some cool uses for the brine.

thanks guys

have you tried them on pizza or in a salad?
how about adding a bit of the brine to your salad dressing?
you can chop them and put them in sauce/marinara, etc?
great on sandwiches!
chop and add to mayo and sour cream or cream cheese for a dip or spread
drop them on a roast in the crockpot and shred!
deep fry like pickles
add a bit to soups and stews and chili
make crostini
Greek salads
tacos, etc.
add to salsa
top your baked potatoes
add to casseroles
chop and bake in breads and rolls
fill or top with cream cheese
fry some chicken in a bit of the brine
drizzle brine on black eyed peas

Love all the suggestions, guess Ill have to just keep moderation in mind.

THank you

You’re very welcomed!