Cape Verde Yorkshire Puddings?

Recently I was on a ship where the cook, a man from cape verde, often made a fantastic accompaniment to the main meal which was very similar to British yorkshire puddings, but were orange in colour and contained a variety of herbs and spices - the resulting taste was similar, but more “meaty” and flavoursome, than a yorkshire pudding. I was never able to get the recipe from him or even find out the name of the dish. If anyone has any idea what the recipe might be, what they are called, or if they have any suggestions as to what ingredients they believe would work, I would be very appreciative- they were absolutely brilliant!

My suggestions:

To get orange colour, use egg yolks instead of whole eggs (i.e, if the Yorkshire pudding recipe calls for 3 large eggs, use 6 large yolks). The deepness of yolk colour depends on what the hens are fed, so try different brands of eggs until you find a brand with rich orange yolks. Also be sure that paprika is included in the rub on the roast.

The herbs and spices probably come from the rub on the roast, some of which end up in the pan drippings. This will give you different flavours for different roasts. For example, when I cook a beef roast, I rub the roast with garlic powder, black pepper, paprika and salt, but for a pork roast I rub the roast with onion powder, marjoram powder, paprika, black pepper and salt. Use roast pan drippings for the Yorkshire pudding rather than lard, butter or other fat source.

If you use these suggestions, your puddings will come out tasting “meatier”, and the flavour will vary with the type of meat and the rubs used. Good luck and I hope you get the desired results!