I have a recipe I am planning to try that has capers as a main ingredient.

I haven’t ever cooked with them before. What are they? Are they similar to any other ingredients?

Capers are small unopened green flower buds that are dried. They are usually sold in a brine or packed in salt. Rinse as much salt off as possible before adding to your recipe. They have a bit of an astringent taste.

For some reason they don’t sound very appetizing. Do they taste good? Is there any other food that they compare with?

They are unique. They add a certain element to certain dishes that can’t be replicated with any other ingredient that I know of. Veal piccata wouldn’t be the same without capers.

About capers? They are an unripened bloom of a Mediterranean plant. We don’t care for them when served as part of a recipe & on the plate (they do look nice though). If you’ll be cooking with them, ? maybe ? use them in the cooking process, I’d discard UNLESS you know people will enjoy them. They’re similar to whole black peppercorns in looks, but totally different in taste. I never use them but know that many people do like them.
Sorry, that probably didn’t answer your question. Guess the best way I can say it is…‘You either like them or don’t’…

 You can find small jars of them in your local grocery store near the salad dressings.  (Or we can here)

Good Luck & PLEASE let all of us here know what you think about them.

Thanks for the info…I will try them and let you know. I’m planning to try the recipe I have in mind this weekend.