Cardio Strides

Here is a page from a health book I am reading:


Cardio Strides are a weighted (2#) leather sneaker, designed specifically to burn fat, tone muscles and raise your metabolic rate just by wearing them 30 minutes per day!

This new innovative technology from Japan can turn walking the dog, shopping or your daily work into a workout that will not only strengthen your heart, back and legs, but will also re-shape your body into a tighter, leaner shape.

Cardio Strides can fit easily into your life. Just put them on and away you go! Studies show that walking may be the best exercis for reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes not to mention a great vehicle to lose unwanted body fat and excess weight.

What exactly are the positive benefits of wearing Cardiostrides:
– you wil slim your legs, hips and shape your “bottom”
– you will burn fat and tone your entire body
– you wil increase your basal metabolism by 25%

Wearing Cardio Strides for 30 minutes per day for an entire year can result in a weight loss of 31 pounds.

Cardio Strides are a product of NIKKEN, the global health and wellness giant. Sally Leonard is a local consultant and can be reached at 585-226-2594 or

Well so much for my comfortable sneakers that only weigh 7 ounces each!!! I think before I would purchase Cardio Strides I would strap ankle weights on (2 # each) and see how they work for me for 30 days. Then I can still wear my 7 oz. comfy sneakers!

Kitchen Witch