Cast Iron Frying Pan Problem

I’m hoping somebody can help me.

I have a cast iron frying pan that I haven’t used in years. When I took it out to use it, there’s a “film” on it…almost like a “plastic film”.

I’ve tried heating it up, adding salt, and using a paper towel and a sharp object to get that film off, but to no avail.

Have tried scrubbing it while cold and hot, but nothing seems to work. The film PULLS off little by little. Sometimes it “springs” back. If it does come off, it’s by LITTLE bit…very little.

The only explanation that I can think of is that I must have used olive oil to “season” the pan. :oops: The film looks yellowish, like olive oil.

Not sure what to do now. Can someone help! I’ve tried a steel wool, knife, metal spatula :x Thanks :smiley:

Thanks KW!

I never thought of using an oven cleaner. I have a self-cleaning oven! LOL
Will try that.

I, too, have this thing about washing everything. After washing my pan, I used to put lots of salt in it and wipe it with a paper towel. The salt would act as an abrasive. A tip my aunt told me about. Then I would reseason it. But, the last time I did this, I accidently used olive oil! LOL

What you are seeing on your pan is ‘old’ baked on oil residue. When using shortening to cook with, it does not leave any type of residue. But oil when it gets heated and baked on almost turns to a varnish like finish that cannot come off with any ease. That is why I try to avoid using oil for frying, prepping pans, etc. My cookie sheets look new because I do not use oil for pan prep.

AHHHH! never use soap on castiron cookwear or objects that scrap and leave marks… the film is the old seasong and can be burned off in a 350 oven then wiped clean with toweling while it is still hot

If that does not work look up a metal shop in your area and ask if they can shot clean the pan. No matter what you do you will need to re-season the castiron.

If it were not so expensive I think I would just throw it away and buy a brand new one. :lol:

Follow these 3 links:

I know everywhere you read says to never ever use an SOS or Brillo pad to clean cast iron but it always works for me. I would much rather use a little soap and elbow grease than put anything like lye or such on the pan as cast iron is very porous and it would soak in. After a good cleaning, it will need to be reseasoned. If a cast iron pan is seasoned just right, you will not have to use much, if any, oil or type of shortening to cook with.

My grandmother’s pans are in as good a condition today as they were when she gave them to me 25 years ago. She had used them for at least fifty years before that. I wouldn’t take anything for them. And I certainly wouldn’t throw it out, even if it didn’t have a sentimental value. My family is big on recycling.

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