Cheese Sandwich

Not exactly a recipe but it’s what I’m having. Grated cheddar, branston pickle and mayo on white bread.

My favorite is mozzarella with a tomato slice, on whole grain bread with a thin spread of Hellmann’s Mayo.

Sounds yummy!!!

We love cheese sandwiches. We put ‘‘any cheese is a good cheese’’, lettuce, tomato, brean`n butter pickle slices, mayo on toasted sour dough bread.

I agree, no such thing as bad cheese. I love cheese and biscuits. Can’t go wrong with simple cheddar and pickle. If you want to push the boat out then taleggio and quince.

I’m currently looking for a cast iron iron/weight to use when making things like this. That’s almost exactly how we make our “grilled cheese” 'round these parts but I want to be able to make them faster. Has anyone seen something like what I’m talking about?

I just purchased a grilled cheese iron to be used in a campfire. It’s awesome, cast iron, with two halves that you butter and then fill with bread and cheese. You then grill it over the campfire.

Makes the best grilled cheese ever!

Thanks for the input Kenny619.

missik999: My good friend introduced me to those when we went camping a few years back. They made what they called “Wannabe Fruit Pie.” It consisted of some white bread and jelly/jam and lots of butter. It tasted good…

We use cherry pie filling and white bread, lots of butter to make campfire fruit pies.

It’s good stuff, albeit not my style… but still good.

Tonight! hopefully I’ll be having dinner with Lamb Saagwala (creamed spinach with Lamp and rice) or Lamb Vindaloo, or something Thai with bamboo shoots and cashews and chicken and coconut milk :p:p