Cheesier Mac & Cheese

I discovered this by accident one night when I had the pasta cooking and discovered I had no milk, as the box (Kraft) called for.

So, I doubled the butter for moisture and also after draining the pasta I rinsed the pasta with as hot of water as the sink sprayer put out. Then before the water could drain off, I dumped the pasta into the pan, added the cheese powder and butter (I always melt the butter in a sauce pan first, and if I want saute onion and/or garlic in same pan. I haven’t used milk in it since! So much cheesier, and more buttery! I also play around with spices for a different taste…sometimes it’s awesome…sometimes, not so much…LOL

I’ve made this for family and friends, and always get about the same reply…“My Mac & cheese never tastes this good! How do you make it?”

Spices I like best with it, are garlic, sage (sparingly), parsley, red pepper (occassionally, if I want spicy) & oregano. I frequently throw in a can of tuna and green beans (well drained) for a one dish meal ready in minutes.
(Note: peas don’t taste so good in this, corn is okay…you may like it more than I do, though)

The key for the moisture, I have found is both melting the butter (Mom always just put the stick into the pan with the pasta…but that cools it down and takes forever to melt), and dumping the pasta into the pan before the water drains all off of it. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!
(Note: I’ve tried the microwave method several times, and it just doesn’t come out as good.)

we buy Aldi’s or the store brands of mac and cheese,make it up as usual,then add some dry cheddar cheese powder and it tastes just like Kraft.

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Kitchen Witch

When I was in the Army stationed out west we used to see how many different mac and cheese combinations we could come up with…with what ever else was in the pantry of course…several of our favorites were sliced black olives…and just a bit of the juice…
another was a bit of ground beef and some tomato sauce…but V-8 or tomato juice worked as well.

I had an instance where I had the mac but no cheese. I just happened to have some left over velveeta that I had not used all of in a recipe the day before so I just melted it on top. It was great. Of course now you can buy the pacs of mac and cheese with the melted cheese in a pac but just in case you want to do it this way if ever in a bind.

I’ve made my macaroni and cheese from a box like this for years and now everyone in my family does it the same way.You can also add some parmesan
cheese to it after you’ve mixed in your orange cheese and it gives it a nice,different taste.