Cherry chocolate bomb


12 oz. pound cake, cut into 12 slices
1 ¾ quarts cherry vanilla ice cream
3 c. chocolate cookie crumbs (Oreo, etc.)
Chocolate frosting

Arrange cake slices around outside of foil-lined bowl. Spread 3 c. ice cream over cake. Combine cookie crumbs and ½ c. frosting. Top ice cream with 1 c. crumb mixture. Top with remaining ice cream and crumb mixture. Freeze 30 minutes. Remove cake. Place on serving platter; frost and pipe decoratively.


Replace cherry vanilla ice cream with either strawberry, chocolate chip, chocolate, coffee, cookie dough or mint.

Replace cookie crumbs with vanilla wafers, peanut butter sandwich, oatmeal, pecan sandies, fudge sandwich or vanilla sandwich.

Replace chocolate frosting with French vanilla, lemon, dark chocolate, butter cream, cream cheese or vanilla.