Chicago style Hot Dog

All-beef frankfurter, steamed or grilled
Poppyseed bun
Yellow mustard
White onion, chopped or diced
Roma tomato, chopped or sliced
Sweet pickle relish (bright green, if you can find it)
Pickled sport peppers (or can substitute with pepperoncini peppers)
Dill pickle spear
Dash of celery salt
NO tomato ketchup

Place the hot dog in the bun. Layer with remaining ingredients, including one pickle spear and topped with a dash of celery salt. Chow down and try not to make a mess!

Exactly! Definitely NO KETCHUP. NOT EVER.

You won’t get it at real Chicago hot dog stands.

Chicago dogs are the best. Oh yeah and no ketchup on these bad boys.

And you will ruin the taste of a Chicago hot dog, but go ahead if you feel you must.

It is the same in New York City when you get one from the street vendors. You will never get ketchup. I have eaten those and they are very good. My hot dogs are not as good as theirs so I sometimes add a little ketchup and hot sauce for some extra flavor. My Bad!

I am a hot sauce freak, I like it on most everything except desserts and ice cream. Sriracha is my favorite and second is cayenne pepper.

There’s an old joke: A guy goes into a restaurant and asks for a sandwich. The server says “We have beef, pork, chicken or turkey. Which would you like.” The guy replies, “It doesn’t matter, I use ketchup”.

I have heard that one, and actually it is true for some folks. Once I was in a restaurant with friends, and we all had ordered steaks. When we got our orders one guy grabs the ketchup and puts it on his New York strip. I must have given him the strangest look, and just shook my head. I had grilled rib eye steaks for my son’s family, and when I served them his wife asked for the A1. I gave her a Are You Kidding Look. If I am having a hamburger steak I might use some A1 for some extra flavor. If I am having a rib eye or fillet or prime rib I want to taste only beef.

I know a guy who actually puts ketchup on spaghetti Bolognese. I am not making this up.

I know a person who puts ketchup on potato chips.