chico's tacos

I have looked up salsa sauces for Chico’s Tacos of El Paso, TX. I have tried the varied recipes of the green(spicy) and the tomato(not spicy) well blended and runny sauces from certain sites and some are close but the flavor is not there. Anyone know of some actual recipes for the taquitos and the two sauces? Also the people that read the blogs mention that they worked there and the recipes that people are trying to come with are not accurate in ingredients and measurement/quantity etc…would greatly appreciate it.



:smiley: Oooh, thank you KW!

This is wonderful news, I will try this tonight. I had the intention of editing the part where I mentioned the recipes didn’t have the same flavor but I clicked on the submit button out of habit but that’s okay if it is similar in taste. :smiley: I am happy with trying out recipes, the whole process is what makes it so exciting.

Thanks again for the recipe!