Chili’s White Chocolate Molten Cake

Chili’s White Chocolate Molten Cake

Prepare one 18.25 ounce Butter recipe golden cake mix as directed on the package. Using a large (Texas-size) muffin tin with 6 cups, bake cakes – this will make 8 cakes so you will need to place dried beans in the empty cups so as not to warp your tin while baking.

Allow to cool in pan for 15 minutes, remove from pan.

Meanwhile, melt:
1 ½ cups while chocolate chips (you can use your microwave but I prefer doing it on the stop top in a double boiler) AND ¼ cup plus 2 T. heavy cream. Allow to cool enough to thicken. This is your white chocolate filling.

These cakes are served upside-down – and you may have to slice a bit of the tops off so they are even.

Using a serrated knife, cut a circle of 1 ½-inches from the bottom to fill with filling. It only needs to be about 1 ½-inches deep. Remove chunk of cake. Now would you throw that piece out or eat it?

Place about 2 to 3 T. filling in hole; cover tightly and refrigerate.

Now to make your strawberry sauce – defrost a 16-oz. box of frozen strawberries in syrup (sugar added) and place in blender; blend smooth. Cover and refrigerate.

Now it’s time to serve –

Melt another 1 ½ c. white chocolate chips. Warm cakes in microwave until the filling bubbles. Drizzle sauce onto bottom of plate, top with cake, place a scoop of vanilla ice cream over filling, drizzle each cake with about 1 ½ T. white chocolate serve and enjoy!

Makes 8.

Now what I did – substituted a strawberry cake for the butter cake and I used strawberry ice cream. And you can get creative with this! There are dozens of variations.

I’ve never had a white chocolate molten cake, it sounds amazing!