chip dip question

need someone who has experience. We wanted to make a sour cream chip dip for potato chips.(ruffles)

The “old standby’ used to be: " add a package of Lipton or Knorr Onion soup to sour cream and voila…instant onion dip.”
I know this is a cooking forum, and that probably sounds like really ‘slumming it’.

so, my question is:
not being a good cook, I wanted to whip up a tasty potato chip dip with a sour cream or greek yogurt base… with some flavor… either chives, which we have, added, or scallions,
something mild without too many chunks.

more to the question.
how would
i small container sour cream
three tblsp dried chives,( quantity?)
two tblsp dill weed
small amount of chopped scallions,
1 chopped cucumber. finely chopped.
dash of lemon juice.
maybe a dash of tobasco
someone asked if we could mix some ready made philadelphia cream cheese vegetable spread to the sour cream and onions and herbs.
which would make it slightly thicker.

any recommendations would be greatly appreciated !!