Chocolate Icebox Cake


3 dozen lady fingers
1 lb milk chocolate
1 oz. unsweetened chocolate
6 eggs
5 tbsp water
5 tbsp powdered sugar
Whipped cream

Melt chocolate, add water, sugar and beaten yolks. Cook in double boiler until thick. Cool, add stiff egg whites. Line mold with saran wrap, line sides and bottom with lady fingers. Chocolate sauce layered with lady fingers. Three layers each. Refrigerate over night. Top with whipped cream Be absolutely certain that the chocolate is completely cool before folding in the egg whites (putting it in the freezer for a few min. stirring occasionally helps). Also, just add the fluffy whites and not any liquid that might be left at the bottom of the bowl. When making the layers of lady fingers, break up bits to fill in the gaps. The lady fingers are split. of course (like English muffins). On the bottom layer, put curved side down, on sides curved side out. Use an 8-9 in diameter cake pan or spring-form pan.

When melting chocolate, never let a single drop of water get into the top pan of the double boiler if you try to stir the chocolate with a wet spoon or something the chocolate will seize. Separate eggs one at a time into their own container so that if you get yolk in them on the sixth egg it won’t ruin the other five. Egg whites won’t stiffen properly if they have bits of yolk in them.