Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to find a recipe for quite sometime now. I used to have it but cant find it. It was for Chocolates. Like the kind you get out of a pot of gold chocolate box. The kind that has the creamy orange filling or the creamy strawberry. I remember the recipe involving iceing sugar and flavored extract but needless to say thats all i remember and cant find it anywhere. I used to make them really big at east and make them into egg shapes the family just loved them. Hope that someone here can help me out.
thanks in advance

Hi! I think that you are talking about Fondant Candies. I will type out all the info I have on making these candies and will post it in the Just Desserts forum under its own thread “Fondant Candies”. The info and recipes come from a 1952 cookbook.

Hope this helps!


If the fondant candies are not what you are looking for, check out the “Candy” section in Just Desserts. I posted a recipe for Easter Eggs which has confectioners’ sugar and sweetened condensed milk. It calls for vanilla extract, but I’m sure that you can substitute the extract for almond extract, maple, etc.