''Cin's Version of Shepherds Pie''

I CONCOCKED THE BEST… ‘‘Cin’s Version of Shepherds Pie’’ …yuummmo.

I Sauteed some white-onion and celery (rough chopped) in butter and garlic oil.
Removed from pan and browned my ground chuck in the same butter and garlic oil.
Put the onion an celery back in the skillet w he meat, mixed together.

and added:
sea salt
fresh ground pepper
little more garlic juice
V-8 juice
bit of flour

This made the best tomato gravy on the meat and the flour was just enough to thicken it up.

Then I added:
fresh corn
sm. can of baby peas w\carrots

After folding everything together I poured the mixture into a casserole dish and sprinkled the top w\shredded cheeses.

Then of-course…topped it off w\mashed potatoes.
Dotted the top w\butter pieces, sprinkled some paprika over potatoes and more shredded cheese on top of all.

Baked in center oven, at 400 dF, for about 30-35 min’s…just until heated thru and potatoes are golden brown.

I forgot to even take pix of making it or the finished casserole…what a
goof I’m getting to be in my old age:cry: !!!

Funny thing, I sure don’t forget to eat though:rolleyes:.

Oh, as usual I did not measure:mrgreen: sooo:
-----I’ll try to give you my best guess-----
Ground Chuck…approx 1 lb
Onion…approx 1/3 of a medium one
Celery…approx 1 sm-to-med stalk
Salt…approx 1-t
Pepper…approx 1-T
V-8 juice…approx 2 C
Worcestershire…few good shakes (maybe 4 or 5)
Flour…approx 2-T
Corn…approx 1 C
Baby peas w\carrots…approx 1 C
Mashed potatoes…approx 2 1/2 C
Cheese…just sprinkled on top (not totally covered)
Casserole dish…7 1/2-inch long x 6-inch wide x 3 1/2-inch deep
(it was a 7 1/2 x 6 x 3 1/2 coringware dish)

To be precise, if you are using beef, it is Cottage Pie, Shepherd’s Pie is made with lamb.

Shepard’s pie is a dish that my wife and I make often when the weather gets cold. Last year we made a variation where we substituted a slow cooked pot roast for the ground meat in the recipe. It was fantastic. You can use whatever recipe for Shepard’s Pie that you like best but instead of browning ground beef to use subsitute pot roast.

We cooked a pot roast in a slow cooker. To the roast in the crockpot we added 1 cup of water, 2 cups of beef stock, 1/2 cup red wine, 2 tblspn of veal or beef demi-glas, (we use demi-glas gold available online or in an upscale grocery this adds a very rich flavor to the gravy) a couple of quartered onions, 7-8 cloves of roughly chopped garlic, (or less if you prefer we love garlic) salt, pepper, celery salt, a bay leaf and about a tspn each of worchestershire and balsamic vinegar. After cooking for 8 hours on slow we stir in a little corn starch dissolved in a little cold water to thicken the gravy up. Take the roast out and flake it apart with a fork. Put the roast back into the gravy. Use the gravy soaked pot roast in the meat layer of the Shepard’s Pie and reserve the leftover gravy to put on top. Delicious!




That is true but I’ve made it with beef also and it was delish! I’ll try your ingredients as well next time Cindi


So, If I make it with ice cream and graham crackers can I call it my version of Shepherd’s Pie?

Yes, I suppose you may…don’t think I’d be trying it though.

I was being facetious.

My quick & easy pot roast recipe is: generouly coat roast with Montreal Steak seasoning, quicly sear in skillet to lock in juices, then place in Crockpot with 2 cups Water, 1 boullion cube and sprinkle Liptons onion soup mix over top! so easy to do before heading to work. I usually add several regular carrots, and potatoes to pot. Cover and come home to an entire meal!

dwalter52…Sounds very good

Re: cins version of cottage pie – it sounds delicious - I’m going into the kitchen this minute to try it - solved my problem with lunch.

I am going to try this version. I usually use brown gravy instead of a tomato product. I do use V8 for the base of my vegetable beef soup though, so I do like the V8 add.

how did lunch turn out???

Its more like “Poor man’s shepherd’s pie” LOL We grew up with this. We just never used any juice/gravy. It was plain. So tonight my girlfriend is making this.
Thank you

hope you enjoyed it…we sure do.