Cleaning Octopus


1.A fresh octopus should quickly change colour when poked. When you touch the suction cups with your fingertips they should feel like they are gripping your finger. It should also be very glossy.

2.Turn up the body sac of the octopus slightly.

3.Sever the tube connected to the inside wall of the body sac.

4.When severed the innards should come out.

5.Pull out the innards completely and discard.

6.Gouge out the eyes with a knife.

7.Make a cut at the base of the tentacles.

8.Cut away the beak area.

9.Rice bran is used to remove the sliminess from the octopus.

10.Put the octopus with plenty of rice bran in a big bowl and rub well with the bran.

11.Thoroughly rub the octopus all over.

12.To remove the dirt from the inside of the suction cups, draw each tentacle through your hand one by one.

13.The rice bran will become a bit mud-like as it absorbs the sliminess from the octopus. Wash the octopus clean with water. Make sure that all the rice bran is washed out from the suction cups.