cluck, cluck, cluck

Well - it’s either cluck or brrrrrrrrr!!!

Dang it’s cold! Cold enough to cook up a storm! (bad choice of words - we had a whopper here the other night – if lake effect snow doesn’t do it to us, the lake effect rain does! I swear the weatherman just waits to use the words “lake effect” on us!)

I’ve got a good sized chicken in a LARGE pot for some homemade Jewish Penicillin - chicken soup. Just skimming off the scum right now - placed in soup pot with chopped onion, carrots, celery - let it “scum” for a while then add seasonings - salt, pepper, parsley, chicken bouillon. When done - strain into a normal sized soup pot and pull the chicken off the bones. Return to stovetop and add carrot and potato chunks, just before done add frozen peas and corn and cut-up chicken. It’s a big bird so I’ll use some of the breast for chicken salad sandwiches with lettuce and tomato slices. I figure that will make a nice lunch - and enough soup for tomorrow’s lunch as well. I may even be able to squeak a couple quarts of homemade broth for the freezer out of this - for another day - makes a really quick soup! Just add veggies and enjoy!

Meanwhile, it’s twin (another big bird) is in the crockpot. That’s for dinner. With mashed potatoes, gravy, chunked beets and garbanzo salad (red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and basil) and hot buttered biscuits. The beets have already boiled and are in the fridge - just need to peel and chunk.

Hi KW,

You make your chicken soup just like I do it is so good to.

I have a lot of stock in the freezer now and a lot of sliced chicken breast to, plus chopped, diced and other.

Eat up that good chicken soup and chicken salad.