Coconut Cake Recipe Search

A now deceased friend of my Mother, perhaps named Marilyn, served a coconut cake & the recipe was published in Southern Living in the mid 90’s. Despite research I’ve never found her recipe. I remember it was called 2 or 3 Day Coconut Cake. I think the cake was yellow with either butter-cream, cream cheese or cooked white frosting and of course coconut. It took a couple of days to prepare because the cake was sliced into layers and brushed with a syrup and refrigerated for a couple of days before frosting. It’s a cake to die for and she brought it for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Anniversaries, etc. Can anyone help me? :confused:

Not the first one, she would not have used cool whip for sure! But Eureka! The second one - I think you’ve found the lost recipe! Many thanks as I nevere expected such a fast response.