Collards, cabbage, and other greens

I add balsamic vinegar because it is my favorite and it helps hold down the offensive smell and enhances the flavor. I would think any vinegar would work. Also add some Texas Pete for flavor and not heat.

Boil small pieces of salt pork in for appox. 15 minutes. Rinse and set aside. Wash collards thoroughly and cut into small pieces. Put approx. 1 cup of water in a large pot. Add a layer of collars. Over this layer add some of the salt pork and sprinkle collards with minced garlic (in jar)crushed red pepper flakes, salt and black pepper. Add a little vegetable oil over the collards. Another layer of collards, vegatable oil, salt pork and repeat seasoning to taste. Repeat until all collard are in pot. Cook over high heat until water begins to boil. Reduce heat and cook until greens are tender. Bacon may be substituted for the salt pork. After collards are cooked, you can use kitchen shears to cut into smaller pieces if they were not cut before cooking. It is much easier this way. This is a very favorable and spicy recipe so adjust spice to your taste. White vinegar can be added prior to serving or let guest add their own. Serve with hot cornbread.

I see most people cooking Collard or other greens by boiling them with some sort of pork, neck bones, fatback, Ham Hocks, and cook them until the greens are a dull washed out green instead of bright green as they were before cooking. The cooking liquid is very flacorful and the actual vegitable is “Blah”

I cook my greens, Collards, TURNIP< Mustard, KAle this way. Wash the greens and tear into bite sised pieces. Dice six slices of bacon and fry until almost crispy and grease is renedered out. Add a bit of Red Pepper Flakes and a small diced onion to grease and sweat onion then add the still damp Greens to pab, heap them in and stir to coat with bacon grease and then cover and allow to sweat until just tender. Toss again to recoat with bacon grease and then add Hot sauce, Tobasco, Trappy’s or other and toss and serve.The greens keep their flavor and the dark green color and are not bitter.