concerned I have mucked it up - help needed.

Hello there,

I have made a curry for this evening, and as it had tinned tomatos and water in it, it needs to be reduced so the sauce thickens up.

However, its been on for 1hr so far - it is getting there, but i am concerned the chicken has gone really dry - its only on very low.

So my question is - do I keep it going for a few more hours on a very low heat and will the chicken improve - or do something else??

I hope someone can help advise me.

You can take the chicken out, reduce your sauce, and then add the chicken back in.

its already gone dry so I dont think that will help!
Im very annoyed with myself - i should have thought it would take sometime to reduce :frowning:

Couldn’t you just thicken the sauce with some cornstarch or flour if it won’t thicken on it’s own?

You don’t want a pasty curry.