Confused about Washing Fruits and Veggies

I believe the FDA does not currently recommend using soap when washing fruits and vegetables. I wonder, though, about pesticide residues that don’t dissolve in water and those waxy preservatives that encase apples. I also see shoppers hunting through produce bins - even organic fruits and vegetables could be filled, it seems, with oil-based fingerprints (I suspect a bag of nectarines could keep a CSI busy for many days). I tried finding reliable information about this topic and came across a fascinating video (runs about 4 minutes). Although very impressive, I don’t know whether I should accept the views and suggestions this video presents. Clearly, I’m confused about washing fruits and vegetables . . . .

Yes, I never understood why some people think water alone cleans fruits and vegetables enough. Ironically, the government keeps making a big deal about washing hands with soap, yet they say water alone magically washes off the same microbe-infested, oil-based fingerprints that touch every piece of supermarket produce.

I took a look at the video you suggested. You’re right, it’s really fascinating, especially the visually striking difference between a broccoli head that’s truly clean and one that’s merely been washed with water. I also like their practical suggestions for cleaning food quickly and properly.

Yes, nice point about the government’s contradiction about using soap for hands but just water alone for fruits and vegetables, even though the hands of consumers touch produce all day long at the market . . . . I’m starting the think that video is right on track.

another thing you can use to clean veggies and fruits is vinegar. my granma used to use it. she would fill up a clean sink with warm water, add a little of the vinegar and then rinse them in the other side as she took them out of the soak. she’d soak for about 5-10 minutes. i’m not sure just how much to use, but i know she would only soak whole foods, not the stuff she chopped in it.

we found the best way to clean potatoes was with warm running water and taking one of those scotch brite sponges with the scrubby side. i have one specifically for that and one for washing dishes. it not only takes off a lot of the dirt, but it also does a little bit of the peeling!

another thing to be aware of, as i was watching a show on parasites, mystery diagnosis i think it was called, was not to chop lettuce! slugs can hide in between folds and can’t be seen. they carry all sorts of parasites that cause trouble. the BEST way to take care of lettuce is to tear it apart, wash under warm running water as you do in a colander, and then shake it dry or pat dry. i will never ever cut my lettuce again. you also have to be wary of packaged salads too. i wash mine now, even knowing that most are washed from the factory, i’m not taking the chance. i also am wary of pre-made salads, like at a restaurant.