Contest Rules

“The Best BBQ Recipe” Contest Rules & Guidelines

  1. You must post an original recipe. You can’t simply copy and paste a recipe from another site. Please create a new thread for your recipe - don’t just add it to someone else’s post.

  2. Recipes that have your personal touch and tips added to the details will be viewed more favorably. The more non-generic details the better.

  3. You may also add side or complimentary dishes to your post to get extra credit.

  4. The posters of the top 3 recipes will receive a free copy of our new cookbook - “America’s Most Wanted Recipes - Volume 2.”

  5. The top three recipes will be determined by several factors:

  • Number of views the recipe has
  • Rating of the recipe by viewers
  • Number of positive replies
  • Feedback from people who actually try the recipe during the week (including us)
  • The final vote of our Secret Recipe Forum staff

The winners will be announced via email on Friday July 6. Let’s have fun with this and we’ll all get some great recipes in the end.

Best of luck,