Cook It With Care

Here a few hints on deep frying turkeys furnished by Georgia Insurance and Fire commissioner John W. Oxendine:

  • Always use turkey fryers outdoors, well away from combustible decks and buildings. Choose a flat surface.

  • Do not overfill fryers with oil; follow manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Do not move fryer during cooking or while oil is hot. Cool oil completely before removing it from the fryer.

  • Thaw turkeys completely before cooking. And dry thoroughly to avoid splattering of the oil or boiling over.

  • Keep children and pets away form turkey fryers. Never leave fryers unattended.

  • Use the thermometer provided with the turkey fryer. Do not heat oil above the temperature recommended by the manufacturer.

  • In case of fire, do not attempt to extinguish with water. Call the fire department immediately.

I saw this hint on Paula Deen’s show and it works great. To know exactly how much oil you will need, put your turkey in the basket and put it in the fryer. Fill the fryer with water until turkey is covered. Remove turkey, pour water into a measuring cup and that tells you exactly how much oil you will need. No more grease boiling over when you put the turkey in and no more having to add oil after it is in. Be sure to dry all your water out before adding oil.

Thanks Horselover need all of the tips we can get on those, this a nifty idea.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!